For this video I teamed up with Tina Kludig, who's the charismatic female vocalist of the german band "Soulrender". After I mixed their latest album last year, their song "It's Done" with its catchy chorus stayed in my head and the idea of a cover version came to my mind. With Tina in the studio it became clear, that a Voice 'n' Bass only version would be an extraordinary and unique way to approach the song differently. So I put up some cams and what happened then, you can see here.

Watch the video "Something 'bout your love"!


See scenes from the original recording sessions with Nick Gibbs (voc), Tim Cansfield (git),  Tobias Neumann (keys), Frank Mead (sax, flute), Kristof Hinz (dr) and Peter on bass!

Watch the video "Stagger"!


The video contains scenes from the original recording sessions with Sebastiaan Cornelissen (dr), John-Dennis Renken (trp),  Coen Molenaar (keys), Tim Cansfield (git) and Peter on bass of course!

Watch the video "Berlin Street Funk"!


The video is a collage of scenes which Muller took at the original recording sessions, as well as impressions from the city and a speedy car ride through the funkiest town in Europe!


Impressions from the "No Mind" recording sessions.


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