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New Video!

This is a new instrumental piece of funk that I wrote and I'm glad these gentlemen accepted my invitation to play on it! "Slang  Funk" is a british-german collaboration which I started as a project with Frank Mead a couple of years ago. On board are some of my favourite musicians, who played on my solo albums and the most important: we are friends for more than 20 years. London-based Frank Mead (Sax) and Tim Cansfield (Guitar) are true legends on the international music scene, they have played with almost every big name, the list is so long it will take hours. I won't name-drop, just google their names ;-). Also on the very top of the professional music scene in Germany and Europe you find Tobias Neumann on Keys and Kristof Hinz on drums. Hope you dig this video as much as I do!







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