Latest Album: No Mind 

"No Mind explores my favourite musical worlds from Soul to Jazz, Fusion to R&B - but Funk is the red line that holds it all together. This is where I come from and the reason I started making music!" 


This is what Peter says about his new work - and you definitely can hear it!



Is this mainly a "bass album"? "Not the right term" says Peter.

"Of course the bass is really upfront and plays a main role, because it's my main instrument . But the tunes are not especially written for bass, they can be played on any instrument. And I'm supported by  really awesome musicians!"

On his latest release Peter is accompanied by much sought-after players like Frank Mead (sax, flute), Tim Cansfield (guitars), Sebastiaan Cornelissen (drums), Coen Molenaar (keys), Tobias Neumann (keys), Christian Kappe (trumpet), John-Dennis Renken (trumpet), Kristof Hinz (drums) and many more.


In combination with Peter's suberb and energetic bass playing and with his writing, arranging and production skills "No Mind" becomes an outstanding musical and sonic experience. 

The Flow (2008)

Peter's second album "The Flow", follow-up to the highly acclaimed debut album, shows Peter's own unique style in a heavily funk-driven mixture of R&B, Soul and Jazz. He creates funky new sounds with his Fender Jazz Bass, impresses with unconventional and soulful solos. His compositions stay in your ear and in his arrangements you can discover new things everytime you listen.The album has been going in and out the iTunes Jazzcharts and recommendations back in 2008/2009. 

M-Vibez (2003)

Peter's debut album "M-Vibez" has been released on his own label "Mullennium Records" in July 2003 and became an unexpected success. Despite limited marketing possibilities and budget,  the record received rave reviews in Bass,  Jazz and Hifi-Magazines and finally got some jazz chart entries in several countries (highest no. 18 in Germany) and is still played on the radio worldwide. Until today people discover this outstanding piece of music, which meanwhile has become a real "bass classic".


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