Peter Muller is exclusively endorsing EBS amps and cabinets.

"I work a lot in the studio and I know the direct sound of my instruments very well. On stage I expect the same sound without any colouring. EBS amps and cabs guarantee that natural sound and offer very effective adjustment possibilities for any kind of location".

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Peter Muller is exclusively endorsing Galli Strings.

"I have an exact imagination of how my basses should sound, whether in the studio or on stage. The clarity and punch of Galli Strings knock me out all the time. I never had so much fun playing bass! And they last and last. Galli Strings should be the first choice for every bass player."


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Peter uses Fender Bass Guitars. His main instrument is a 1978's Jazz Bass with EMG pickups. His backup bass is a 70's Classic Jazz Bass. His fretless is a Standard Jazz Bass.

Peter uses the following brands in the studio: