As you might know, cultural life is in danger due to the Covid-19 crisis. Artists, musicians and their service providers couldn't work for almost a year now. Although I work in different areas in the music industry besides being a recording artist myself, all these areas have been affected by the restrictions due to Covid-19.


Nevertheless I try to release material, for example several music videos in the last months, to stay in touch with my followers and fans and I'm glad that I get such a great feedback from you!


But think about this: what if your favourite artists can not release new material, because they do not have an income anymore?

A lot of professional musicians already gave up their profession and more will follow soon and the situation gets worse every week.


Currently I'm thinking of recording a new solo album, but I don't know if this is realizable. Nobody knows when and how we can continue in the music industry. This situation is completely new and there's is nothing we can do about it at the moment.


But there is something you can do! You can support my work with a donation, if you like my work, my records, my videos. This way it is possible to keep on creating new stuff for you to enjoy.

Why a donation and not a crowdfunding? With a crowdfunding it is obligatory for me to deliver something that I promise to you, for example a new album. It's a prepaid deal. But the situation for me and many others in the business is completely uncertain and nobody knows what the future will bring.


With a donation you can show your appreciation for the work I did and support the possibility of new material coming up. So when you donate, there is no deal and nothing directly to expect in return. But you can be sure that I will get back to you, if I manage to release a new album. 


Simply click the "Donate" button below and your will be forwarded to Paypal. You can donate 10, 25, 50 Euros or a free amount of your choice.


Thanks a lot for your attention and your support. Hope to see you somewhere soon!





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